The idea of ​​the Friendly Public Space competition has not changed when compared to the previous editions and so its objective is essentially to promote high quality public space. In last years the projects registered were located primarily in the city of Wrocław. So were located the Grand Prix winners: in 2011 it was Maćków Pracownia Projektowa Sp. z o.o for the building of "Renoma" department store and in 2012 also Maćków Pracownia Projektowa Sp. z o.o for the integrated train and tram stop in ​​the stadium EURO 2012 area. Both awards went into good hands, in appreciation of outstanding projects. But there is the other side of the coin. Wrocław as much larger and a richer city will always dominate over the region of which it is the capital. Although there are exceptions: the first prize was awarded in 2011 for a complex revalorization of the Spa Park in Polanica-Zdrój (Architektoniczna Pracownia Projektowa Jerzy Kilar and partners), as well as third prize for revitalization and expansion of the main railway station complex in Stronie Ślaskie r the purpose of Centre for Education, Culture and Tourism (HTM Kłodzko - Henryk Markiewicz, Jakimiszyn Tadeusz Andrzej Sankowski) it is clear that the region without support is not able to compete with its capital. Hence our constant appeal to the local authorities to support promotional and raise funds, as well as to investors who choose the Lower Silesia. Without this support it will be difficult to implement more challenging projects which may become inspirational for smaller investors or individuals. Battling bad taste and bad habits is difficult. After all "as the twig is bent, so grows the tree". It is for the young audience that investments in public, social utility space, particularly in the most sensitive districts, should be supported. The idea of ​​promoting good architecture is becoming advocated by a wide group of people and institutions involved. A marketing success of "Polityka" – a weekly magazine promoting good architecture - is a classic example. Wrocław as a buoyant city has a large potential for development. It also organizes a great contest titled "Beautiful Wrocław" which we should cooperate with to jointly spread the idea of high ​​quality space. However, we should not compete. The DoFA’s objective is to activate and raise awareness throughout the whole region. In each edition of the Festival we should therefore seek to focus on a different target group, so that while changing the program every year, the time necessary for implementation of projects is automatically extended. 

Maciej Hawrylak

FRIENDLY PUBLIC SPACE - DoFA'13 - results of the competition

 On 07.08.2012 r. the below mentioned Jury Committee members gathered: 

Marcin Dziewoński– SARP Wrocław Branch

Izabela Mironowicz TUP Wrocław Branch

Andrzej Poniewierka DOIA

Sylwia Sikora – SARP Wrocław Branch

Beata Urbanowicz - on the recommendation of the President of Wrocław 

Waldemark Więckowski- SARP Jelenia Gora Branch 

Włodzimierz Szostek ZOIU 

Out of 19 projects registered for the competition the Jury selected winners as follows:



Name of the project: Tourist development of the reservoir and recreation space in Stara Morawa Address: Stara Morawa, Municipality of Stronie Śląskie

Author: eng. arch. Jerzy Modlinger 

Investor: Municipality of Stronie Śląskie 

Realization: WASAMA Spółka Jawna 

Year: 2013 

Jury’s review: for a harmonious combination of architecture highlighting a meditative character of the place with the tower in the middle of the reservoir and a picturesque mountain landscape. The Jury has appreciated the use of simple, modern solutions and a dialogue with the regional architecture which led to creation of a business card for Stara Morawa and the surrounding area. 


Name of the project: Viewpoint complex of the lynx and wildcats’ enclosure in Wrocław Zoo 

Address: Wrocław, 1-5 Wróblewskiego St. 


Realization: PELESCRIME Wrocław 

Year: 2012 

Jury’s review: for simplicity of formal and materials related solutions while preserving their natural - raw nature 


Name of the project: Development of so called "Meeting place" between Św. Antoniego St. and Kazimierza Wielkiego St. in Wrocław

Address: Wrocław, Św. Antoniego St. 

Author: d. eng. arch. Tomasz Myczkowski, eng. arch. Róża Myczkowska 

Investor: Municipality of Wrocław, Dep. of Roads Management and Maintenance of the City (ZDIUM) Realization: Drobud Year: 2012 

Jury’s review: for a successful attempt to find a strong form and improve quality while maintaining the functionality of this piece of urban public space and thus creating a distinctive site which connects revitalized parts of the city. 


Name of the project: Historical palace and park of Żmigród 

Address: Żmigród, Parkowa St. 

Authors: project of the palace restoration: D. Jerzy Piskozub, eng. Adam Marek and partners; project of the park revalorization: eng. landscape arch. Halina Gołda-Krajewska, eng. arch. Elżbieta Łysakowska, eng. landscape arch. Aneta Talarowska, eng. Wiktor Dziembaj, eng. Lech Stanisz and partners 

Investor: Municipality of Żmigród Realization: Integer S. A Wrocław, Anti S. A Wrocław 

Year: The Palace in 2008, The Park in 2012 

Jury’s review: for a skillful restoration of the palace and park complex, along with a revitalization of the historic green space which led to a new character of the place addressed to the local community.