19.10 Saturday 10.00am

21 Oławska St, the 3rd floor

Take a look at the city as if it was a large game board. Hundreds of thousands of objects, tens of thousands of people, the atmosphere of rivalry fills the gray streets and “pours” into buildings - but only a few know how to play - are you among them?

[Krzysztof Bielecki, The city is a game, Warsaw 2008, p. 11]

The main objective of the workshop is to familiarize with architectural concepts such as "city", "architecture", "map", etc. while paying attention to important POINTS in the city and their impact. The "points" will become a pretext to create a large format board game based on a part of the city’s plan. The complexity has been adapted to the age of participants – from the youngest preschoolers up the lower secondary classes.