Architects play

26.10 Saturday

In 2011, during the first edition of the Lower Silesian Festival of Architecture, in Bezsenność Club we proved how much music and architecture have in common. A year later, during the second edition, we visited forgotten spaces of the Railway Station (Polskie Koleje Państwowe Przewozy Regionalne) and we filled them with people, sound and image. Also this year we will present music – architecture’s sister. This time, coming straight from the hearts and instruments of our fellow architects who will exchange what the use on daily basis while designing: function, form and structure for other means of expression, such as: rhythm, harmony, melody, groove or meter. With their rich experience, both professional and musical the following architects and their bands will guide us through their musical creativity: arch. Maciej Czemplik (guitar - Maciej Czemplik Trio), arch. Piotr Gulczyński (guitar - ATME), arch. Kamil Kłos (guitar, sampler – układ SI), arch. Adam Mańczak (guitar – Suchy Pion), arch. Szymon Szwec (bass - Freeway, Świeże Mięcho), Arch. Kamil Zych (drums - Świeże Mięcho).

We will be able to compare, confront with the space or simply listen to a wide range of musical genres, starting from jazz, via progressive metal, grunge, trip-hop and alternative ending with punk music. Thanks to such wide horizon of every fan of music and / or architectural will find something corresponding with their taste and, perhaps will discover new musical areas of interest.

Kamil Zych