“About architecture through films” is an event organized as part of the Lower Silesian Festival of Architecture DoFA'13.

The Association of Polish Architects Wrocław Branch along with New Horizons Cinema invite to a retrospective of films related to architecture: directly or presenting architecture in the background. The projections scheduled in mini thematic sections shall serve a starting point for panel discussions and film related debates.

Thus screenings are followed by Festival events - lectures and thematic presentations.


Opening of the Festival DoFA'13

6.00pm, Hall 4

Big A - BLAF Architecten

7.00pm, hall 4

Introduction to the program section -

The Human Scale

dir. Andreas M. Dalsgaard, China / Denmark / New Zealand / USA / Bangladesh, 2012, 83 min.

9.00pm, Hall 4

Tickets: 12 zł and 8 zł (reduced tariff)



Is it true that Wrocław - the flattest city - has the highest number of steps, and if so, why?

Body and Soul

dir. Matthieu Bron, 2010, 54 min.

5.00pm, Hall 4

Universal Design – film related debate,

Managing the Foundation House of Peace - Infopunkt Nadodrze Łokietka 5, Wrocław Film Foundation

6:30pm, Hall 4


dir. Andrzej Jakimowski, France, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, 105 min.

8.00pm, Hall 4

What is universal design and why it concerns also you? What should be universal and is it only about stairs? Who is the project’s recipient - the investor or the user? Why, if at all, do we need to design universally? Is Wrocław universal?

These and other questions we will try to answer during the screenings and discussions. We will find about initiatives which support the universal design idea in Wrocław and will see the scale of barriers to access public space through the example of Maps Barriers of Nadodrze. We will reflect on why to design staircase where the surface is flat. We will try to determine how we can work together so that Wrocław becomes universal.

Non-architects - urban activists, residents-users and public space experts raise pose questions and invite to find answers together.


Mini-series "Small communities"

3.00pm SMOKE

dir. Wayne Wang and Paul Auster

Japan, Germany, USA 1995/112 '

5.00pm Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

dir. William H. Whyte / USA 1988-1958 '

7.00pm Small communities - film related debate,

By Mikołaj Smoleński

Somewhere on the side of architecture written with capital A, there is also a modest architecture shaping settings our everyday life. Our local and neighborhood life is often determined by minor elements such as: sidewalks, carpet bars, walls and store windows become witnesses of more or less momentous events.

Patient observation "in high resolution" allows you to see under this seemingly meaningless surface a whole microcosm of human relationships, rituals and behaviors. How to determine tasks and objectives of an architect intervening in this space?

How to balance the dynamics of change in order to give impetus to a change for the better without falling into the trap of gentrification or aesthetisation?

How to revitalize bearing in mind the actual residents, and not thinking about pictures shared on instagram?


mini-series "Heroism of architecture"


Tarik Saleh, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden 2009

7.00pm Heroism of Architecture– film-related debate, by Łukasz Wojciechowski

For centuries architects dreamed of designing entire cities. In the twentieth century their visions gained momentum thanks to the development of technology, transportation and automotive industry. The climax of huge urban structures projects took place in the 60s with proposals such as: a city suspended above the ground, structures covering the entire globe or a project of changing – according to users’ demand – landscapes. Undoubtedly, architects were then ready to take heroic decisions radically breaking from the traditional urban systems. Were their visions meant to fail? Are mega structures only good as bleak scenery? Are filmmakers stereotypically afraid of modernity? Was the heroism of architecture only a modernist whim? Is it possible to let architects get away with their dreams?

8.00pm lecture Big A Philippe Rahm

Admission to events such as lectures, debates accompanying film screenings is free. You're welcome.

Adult tickets for the film screenings are available at the price of 12 zł over the counter of New Horizons Cinema. Presale of discount tickets at the price of 8 zł for students of architecture and members of SARP takes place in the festival office: Market Square 25 in

between the 14th and the 16th of October 

in the following hours: 10.00am – 4.00p.