Architectural crib sheet

Architectural crib sheet is set of reflections about architecture, illustrated by photographs. I’ve collected here the topics discussed while designing, exploring and debating; in a studio, at an exhibition or at the University. Yet, without pretending to use the language of art theorists. These are actually basic issues concerning architecture, which - in the context of the surrounding space and newly constructed buildings - seem to be not entirely obvious. Architectural crib sheet raises issues related to the use of space, ecology, architectural profession and context ... While climbing we neither become highlanders nor put on high heels. In architecture, however, such a solution is called a mix of tradition and modernity. Perhaps mountain shoes and a sport jacket are not very stylish, but they are authentic. And such an outfit enables us to experience more. Buildings are what they are. The block of flats will not become a mountain hut because of the Tyrolean lace. A tenement will not dance if we bend its walls. A house will not drift away due to its wave-shaped roof. One can’t expect this much from architecture. Besides a decent content can do without gesticulation.

Architectural crib sheet, Łukasz Wojciechowski 
ed. SARP Wrocław Branch, 
75 pages and 58 black and white illustrations 

Photo: Łukasz Wojciechowski