04.10.2011 Tuesday, 9.00pm, Occupation - architect / I. Winkler ”Life as a House” DKF Wrocław University of Technology, room 329, A-1 Wrocław University of Technology, 27 Wyb. Wyspiańskiego St.

Space, Land and Time. Underground Adventures with Ant Farm 

dir. by Elizabeth Federici, Laura Harrison,

USA, 2010, 77 min

A look at an intriguing and radical collective from the seventies – the Ant Farm - primarily known for the iconic sculpture of American pop culture Cadillac Ranch. It was a collective of architects, graphic designers and artists founded by Chip Lord and Doug Michels in 1968 in San Francisco, later joined by Curtis Schreier and Hudson Marquez. The collective’s name was created by a friend-artist who compared their art to an underground architecture created by ants. 

The group of architects driven by imagination used their technical knowledge to carry out unconventional projects as well as interdisciplinary, performative experiments. Their various activities - often critically, disrespectfully and ironically expressing their attitude to the surrounding reality – were joined by architects and pioneers of video art who didn’t only participate but who also documented the projects. The Ant Farm members used to describe themselves as ”an art agency which promotes ideas of non-commercial potential, but which are tools of cultural introspection.’ After 40 years the Ant Farm returns thanks to this documentary and keeps to stimulate the imagination of contemporary viewers.

During the “DOCUMENTARIES from the 3rd floor” film section the following works will be shown:

Koolhaas HouseLife

dir. by Ila Bêka, Louise Lemoine / Bekafilms, 2008, 58min

Life of an unusual residential architecture from an ordinary perspective. The project’s author, the legendary Rem Koolhaas / OMA is in the movie his absent father. We watch as the housekeeper - Guadalupe Acedo – while cleaning the house struggles on a daily basis with the building’s matter. It's mostly her daily activities that reveal to us the intimate world of the house on a hill in Bordeaux in 1998 - the house whose most prominent feature is a platform combining three levels. How an icon resists the flow of time.